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What We Do

For over twenty-five years, Vinegar Hill Studios has been in DUMBO, Bklyn, creating innovative solutions to design challenges for a variety of clients. We work closely with our customers to conceptualize and design their projects; then we custom fabricate construction in our local workshop. 

Castle of solid ice

Working Together

We also provide “quick” on-site installation services that are specifically choreographed to minimize impact at the job site, thereby avoiding what is otherwise too often a drawn-out and “messy” installation process. We apply our years of learned experience from work in the “get this done yesterday” TV business, in order to minimize our time on the job site by applying extensive forethought, site coordination, careful pre-fabrication and planning -- not to mention creative tenacity.

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Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in the the relationships we have developed over the years in order to execute and innovate complicated projects. This allows us to compete and excel over larger firms. 

For over a quarter of a century, VHS is proud to have stayed small and nimble enough to give our customers the hands-on, personal, time- critical services that define our reputation. We are dedicated to our customers. 

What’s your design challenge?